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Beautiful Views of the Bay in New Zealand

avatar   Scott

Posted On 01/02/2021 09:18:15

New Zealand | Auckland | Waitemata Harbour | Rangitoto Island | Lighthouse | Rangitoto Island Lighthouse

Beautiful Views of the Bay in New Zealand


The scenery along the coastlines of both the north and south islands of New Zealand is truly remarkable. The striking red and white lighthouse located in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour is the Rangitoto Island Lighthouse. It is said that the lighthouse, which is only accessible by boat, was originally built in 1882. Those who look closely at this solar powered lighthouse today will notice that it flashes red about five times each minute.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

When on a cruise, do you stand on deck to watch the scenery as you arrive into or depart from a port?

Unless we are docking really early in the morning, we are almost always out on deck as we arrive into a port city. As we depart from a port, we are usually there again - unless it conflicts with a meal. (As you can tell, eating and sleeping are priorities - ha ha!)

The view is always different, and we always enjoy it. From modern improvements to natural scenery to historical buildings - it's always interesting. As we were departing from Auckland, New Zealand in 2017 we noticed how beautiful the bay was - especially with the blue sky and blue bay water. The red and white Rangitoto Island Lighthouse added a picture perfect touch to the natural scenery.

What memorable views have you seen as you've arrived into or departed from cruise ports?

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Notable Quote

The sea finds out everything you did wrong. - Francis Stokes

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