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Life Inside the Ngorongoro Crater

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 10/23/2023 10:51:52

Tanzania | Arusha | Ngorongoro Conservation Area | Ngorongoro Crater | Safari | Game Drive | Wildlife | Maasai Wanderings | Wildebeest | Zebra | Gazelle | Elephant | Hippopotamus | Lion | Caracal | Baboon

Life Inside the Ngorongoro Crater


It's interesting to know that the Ngorongoro Crater is solely a habitat for animals - there are no hotels or lodges inside the crater. Since it is only wildlife that can live inside the crater, all humans (locals and tourists) must exit prior to closing time. Even members of the Maasai tribe, who are free to bring their cattle into the Ngorongoro Crater each day, are required to exit before the crater closes each and every day.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Got a few shots of some animals all by their lonesome inside Ngorongoro Crater ... plus a few close-ups. Check out these photos of a wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, caracal (a very rare member of the cat family) and baboon.

If you're not already following us, now is a great time! We'll be posting more photos from our 3+ weeks in Africa in the upcoming month.

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Travel teaches toleration. - Benhamin Disraeli

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