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See Geysers, Hot Springs and Mud Pools at Orakei Korako

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 05/03/2023 10:45:46

New Zealand | Taupo | Rotorua | Waikato River | Lake Ohakuri | Orakei Korako Geothermal Park | Geothermal | Self-Guided Walk | Geysers | Hot Springs

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Shortly after arriving at Orakei Korako Geothermal Park, visitors board a small boat to ferry across the river. Upon exiting the boat, it's time to navigate the 1 1/4 miles of pathways around the park at your own pace. In addition to the mix of amazing colors you'll see on your walk, natural phenomena to look for include active geysers, boiling hot springs, mud pools and a cave.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Where have you seen mud boil? It is amazing sight!

Next up on our tour which included exploring New Zealand's geothermal region was a visit to Orakei Korako Geothermal Park. In about an hour, we were able to walk the path around the entire park - including up to the viewing area to see the Ruatapu Cave. It is believed that there are only two caves in the world that are found in geothermal fields - and this park is home to one of them!

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