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Visiting Point Venus on the Island of Tahiti

avatar   Scott

Posted On 12/09/2020 09:04:49

Tahiti | French Polynesia | Matavai Bay | Point Venus | Cruise | Road Trip | Captain Bligh | James Cook | Pacific Ocean | Black Sand

Visiting Point Venus on the Island of Tahiti


At the northeast end of Matavai Bay on the island of Tahiti lies a peninsula with a park and tall white lighthouse. It was at this point in 1769 that Captain James Cook chose to observe the Transit of Venus as it crossed the sun, hence its name Point Venus.

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What is your favorite island?

We loved the cruise that we took around French Polynesia in 2014 and definitely hope to return. After our cruise, we spent some time on the island of Tahiti. We had fun driving around the island's perimeter - it was during that drive when we stopped at Point Venus.

This great tower was built at the point where Captain James Cook stopped to view the passing of Venus in the southern night sky. Other great explorers that visited here included Captain Bligh and Robert Louis Stevenson. The picturesque setting on the peninsula with its black sand beach, ironwood trees and lighthouse make it a popular stop for a picnic or just to absorb the view.

What is your favorite island (or island chain) to visit?

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