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Imagine the Romans Enjoying Soaking in a Hot Tub

avatar   Scott

Posted On 07/30/2020 09:37:20

Pompeii | Naples | Italy | Sites in Pompeii | Bathhouse | Arena | Teatro | Market | Temples | Private Homes

Imagine the Romans Enjoying Soaking in a Hot Tub


When visiting Pompeii, it's fun to imagine the amazing way of life in ancient times. During our most recent time exploring Pompeii, we found a Roman bathhouse that had both hot and cold running water. The water flowed directly into a pool demonstrating how the Romans also enjoyed a relaxing past time similar to today's swimming pools and hot tubs. The changing rooms were even equipped with benches and storage bins - just like a modern locker room!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Does taking a city bus from Naples to Pompeii interest you?

Although we had previously been to Pompeii, we heard that in the many years since our last visit, even more of the village was open to visitors. When we docked in Naples, we decided to hitch a ride on the city bus to spend our day exploring. There was definitely more than I remembered from our first visit almost 20 years ago. It's truly amazing to imagine Pompeii as a modern resort community. There's streets, homes, markets and, to enjoy a relaxing life, there were even bathhouses in this ancient city!

What's your best memory of hopping on a city bus to get to a site you wanted to see?

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