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Rock Hyraxes atop the Serengeti's Kopjes

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/16/2023 10:47:24

Tanzania | Arusha | Serengeti National Park | Safari | Game Drive | Rock Hyrax | Maasai Wanderings | Kopje

Rock Hyraxes atop the Serengeti's Kopjes


One of the smaller species to call the Serengeti home is the rock hyrax. Weighing in at a maximum of just over 10 pounds, these mammals can usually be spotted atop the "kopjes" found in the national park. Kopjes are rocks that are estimated to be as many as 500 million years old. After being blanketed with volcanic debris, kopjes again became visible as the covering deteriorated. The rock hyraxes are often seen relaxing in the sun or feasting on the plants growing through crevices of the kopjes or on nearby grasses.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

We spent the morning of our last full day on safari with Maasai Wanderings in the central Serengeti. With more kopjes (rocks), the landscape in some areas was quite different from what we had seen during our previous days in the national park. Different landscape equaled a new to us animal species - the rock hyrax.

Fun facts: Although these mammals are quite small, it's manatees and elephants that are the most closely related to the rock hyrax. The tiny feet on the rock hyrax are said to be able to travel at speeds of 18 miles an hour!

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