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Perfect Picnic Place on the Weston Bluff Trail

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 06/10/2022 10:44:33

Missouri | Weston | Shafer Park | Weston Bluff Trail | Weston Bend State Park | Hiking | Picnic | Explore | Nature | Exercise

Perfect Picnic Place on the Weston Bluff Trail


The quaint Shafer Park can be found along the Weston Bluff Trail. It's located between Weston Bend State Park and the City of Weston. The park got its name from the land donors, Abe and Quint Shafer. Bring your picnic supplies and take advantage of the picnic table!

     The Wordy Explorers

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What activity have you recently crossed off your "must do list"?

Several years ago when we camped in Weston Bend State Park in Weston, Missouri, someone recommended a hiking trail. I've had it on my "must do list" ever since then. Finally, I can cross the Weston Bluff Trail off my list! It took us from the state park, past this rather secluded perfect picnic area and into the city of Weston.

Do you keep a list of hikes or other experiences that you hope to do (or places you want to visit)?

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