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Artistic Horse Statues from Southampton, England

avatar   Scott

Posted On 05/30/2020 09:01:32

Cruises | Southampton | England | United Kingdom | City Gate | Statues | Churches | ZZ Top | Horses

Artistic Horse Statues from Southampton, England


The town of Southampton is very nice to explore. Because it is a port city, cruise ship passengers will find plenty of things to keep them occupied either before or after a cruise ... or both! After disembarking from a cruise ship, we admired the many horse statues commemorating various music groups. One of our favorites was painted for the Texas band ZZ Top. We also enjoyed walking in the waterfront park, along the cute streets and old city walls, and near the gate and old wharf area. The Jane Austen sites are interesting and there are plenty of great restaurants and pubs!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Do you enjoy looking at the outdoor work of the local artists when traveling?

We've seen the cows in Chicago, the guitars in Austin and the horses in Southampton! Horse lovers would have really liked the art display in Southampton. There were so many horses, all with different designs, scattered all over town. The great thing was that you could walk to all of them!

Would you have spent time looking at these statues, or do you prefer seeing the more permanent sites in a city? . . . . #horses #art #MarvelZoo #southampton #cruising #WordyExplorers

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The sea finds out everything you did wrong. - Francis Stokes

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