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Entertainment on the Streets of Basseterre

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/01/2022 10:09:49

St. Kitts | Saint Kitts | Saint Kitts and Nevis | Basseterre | Parade | Street Parade | Entertainment | Port Shopping | Cruise Port | Norwegian Dawn

Entertainment on the Streets of Basseterre


Port Zante is located in Basseterre, the capital city of the island of St. Kitts. The port area is filled with shops plus a nearby craft market, so if you want to shop there are loads of options - souvenirs, clothing, decor items and so much more. A short walk further into the city will take you to additional nearby sights including a park, museum and church!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What's at the top of your list when at a cruise port?

Some people love to shop, others want to try local foods, some hit the beach, others have already planned an excursion and then there are those who have no plans at all! The latter is not usually us, but it has described us perfectly during this entire cruise!

We had no idea how many of our six ports would actually be open to cruisers, so we made no plans at all. Luck has been on our side - we've now made it to five of the six ... and our next stop is looking pretty good too.

We enjoyed our day wandering around the capital city of St. Kitts (Basseterre) - we even lucked out with some free street entertainment!

Do you always pre-plan your trips?

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Notable Quote

Forget champagne and caviar - Taste the world instead!

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