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Entering Scotland's Stirling Castle

avatar   Scott

Posted On 04/05/2021 09:22:37

United Kingdom | Scotland | Stirling | Castle Hill | Stirling Castle | Military Fortifications | Fortresses | Royal Castles | Tourist Destinations

Entering Scotland's Stirling Castle


Standing in Stirling, Scotland atop Castle Hill is Stirling Castle, one of the country's most important castles. Although the castle today is primarily a tourist destination, its past uses were more varied. Because of its location high on a hilltop that is surrounded by cliffs on all but one side, it served as a fortification protecting the country and also as a military base. The country's royalty often used the castle for both business as well as a place for rest and relaxation.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy touring castles?

On our 2016 cruise around the British Isles, we saw more castles than we could count on one hand. Learning about the location and history of Scotland's Stirling Castle, one that we didn't know much about before our trip, was very interesting. We found it most intriguing to learn that the castle has changed hands more than 8 times during its nearly 900 years of existence! It's location high up on a cliff along the River Forth make it a great place for unique views.

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