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Savor the Sights, Sounds and Smells of the Chew Jetty

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 04/22/2024 10:50:40

Malaysia | Penang | George Town | Weld Quay | Chew Jetty | UNESCO | Shopping | Souvenirs | History | Cruise | Shore Excursion

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Dating back to the late 1800s, five wooden jetties were built at Weld Quay in the city of George Town on Malaysia's Penang island. The Chew Jetty, one of those still standing today, is the biggest and most well known "waterfront settlement". No longer used for cargo, the Chew Jetty is occupied by members of the Chew clan - both for their homes and their businesses. A stop at the Chew Jetty during a visit to Penang is an opportunity to walk back in time (and maybe even buy a souvenir or a tasty treat)!

     The Wordy Explorers

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There's unique architecture and there's unique history. In my mind, the Chew Jetty falls primarily into the category of unique history, but we saw some cool architecture too. So glad that we opted to go with a private tour and spend some time exploring this gem during our one day on the island of Penang.

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