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Sicily and the Gateway to the Mediterranean

avatar   Scott

Posted On 11/16/2020 09:13:16

Sicily | Italy | Messina | Taormina | Castelmola | Greek Theatre | Teatro Antico | Hiking | Day Trip | Scenic Views | Mediterranean Sea

Sicily and the Gateway to the Mediterranean


Castelmola is a small village that sits on the hillside above Taormina. It's a pretty easy hike to the village from the famous Greek Theatre of Taormina. Once at the top, there's some amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the town below. There are a number of churches on the streets of Castelmola - each looking quite different from the last.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you ever done a day trip from Sicily?

There are so many places to visit from the Port of Sicily that it can be hard to decide. In 2013, we joined another couple and together we traveled to Taormina. After exploring the ancient Greek Theatre, we hiked to the top of the hill and found a cute little village named Castelmola. With a great view of the Mediterranean Sea, Castelmola also overlooks the theatre of Taormina. The atmosphere of this quaint village on the top of the mountain is wonderful.

What's your favorite day trip from Sicily?

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