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Vivilore: Not Just for Lunch or Dinner

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 06/22/2022 10:42:32

Missouri | Independence | Kansas City | Vivilore | Restaurants | Dining | Lunch | Dinner | Art Gallery | Antiques | Home Decor | Jewelry

Vivilore: Not Just for Lunch or Dinner


It's best to make reservations for lunch or dinner at Vivilore, but plan for extra time to explore all three floors inside plus the surrounding grounds. Located in Independence, Missouri, Vivilore is much more than just a place to eat. The outdoor courtyard is filled with flowers, plants, statues ... and tables for outdoor dining. In addition to indoor dining, you'll find antiques, art, home decor and even some jewelry for sale.

     The Wordy Explorers

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What is a unique restaurant that you often recommend to others ... and why?

Scott's sister-in-law really wanted us to enjoy a meal at Vivilore in the Kansas City suburb of Independence. Being honest, I was a little afraid that it would be an expensive meal and we would leave hungry. I was definitely wrong!

She made lunch reservations for the four of us, and we all loved our meals. Scott and I split two sandwiches because deciding on just one meal was too difficult. After our lunch, we spent almost an hour roaming through the beautiful courtyard and browsing through all of the unique art and other decor available for sale.

Fun fact: The name Vivilore is Latin - viva means life and lore means story, so the restaurant's name translates to life story!

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