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Exploring a Community Dating Back 900 Years

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/01/2024 10:05:16

Arizona | Flagstaff | Wupatki National Monument | Wupatki Pueblo | Lomaki Pueblo | Wukoki Pueblo | Nalakihu Pueblo | Citadel | Hiking

Exploring a Community Dating Back 900 Years


In addition to the largest free-standing pueblo in Northern Arizona, Wupatki National Monument has even more to explore. The Wupatki Pueblo was a 104 room gathering place which included both a community room and ballcourt. The pueblo was likely home to upwards of 100 people and was a short distance from the smaller Wukoki, Lomaki and Nalakihu Pueblos. Don't miss the room with a view, the Citadel.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

The last of our unplanned stops in the Flagstaff area was at Wupatki National Monument. We started with an easy hike on the red dirt Wukoki Pueblo Trail. After climbing 28 stair steps, we could go inside the pueblo. Next up was the longer trail to the largest housing complex, the namesake Wupatki Pueblo. (Check out my hair blowing from air coming out of the natural blowhole!) We missed a couple of sites due to our limited time, but we did do the short uphill hike to the Citadel and make a photo stop near the Lomaki Pueblo.

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