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Experience Cristo Blanco Overlooking Cusco, Peru

avatar   Scott

Posted On 08/04/2020 09:44:49

Peru | Cusco | Cuzco | Cristo Blanco | Route to Machu Picchu | What to see | Hiking | Famous Statues

Experience Cristo Blanco Overlooking Cusco, Peru


There is a giant Cristo Blanco statue overlooking Cusco, Peru. The statue is similar to Brazil's Christ the Redeemer. Cristo Blanco is visible from many locations within the city of Cusco. To avoid the rather difficult hike to the top, we hired a taxi for just a few bucks. Walking back down the hill to the center of town was easy - we made it from Cristo Blanco to the Plaza de Armas in only about 30 minutes!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you ever joined a free walking tour?

While virtual travel is as easy as following the Wordy Explorers on social media, there's nothing quite like being there! Although we really like to explore a city on our own, it's great to have a guide that can tell you some of the history (rather than us just making it up!). When we were in Cusco, we joined a free walking tour and learned so much about the city. Our final stop before returning to our starting point was at Cristo Blanco. After our tour ended, the two of us returned to several of the sites that we visited so that we explore some more!

Where have you joined a free walking tour?

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

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