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Final Resting Place for Some Texas Historical Figures

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 08/13/2020 09:32:27

Texas | Nacogdoches | Oak Grove Cemetery | Thomas Jefferson Rusk | Texas History | Texas Declaration of Independence

Final Resting Place for Some Texas Historical Figures


Thomas Jefferson Rusk is one of several Texas historical figures buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches. Rusk was a judge, statesman and Secretary of War under Sam Houston. Along with some others buried at Oak Grove, he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836. When Texas became a state in 1845, it was Rusk that served as President of the Constitutional Convention. He then served as a US Senator from 1846 until his 1857 death.

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While our RV water tank was being replaced at Genuine RV in Nacogdoches, we spent a few hours exploring the city. I contacted a high school friend who spent many years in the city, and she mentioned that a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence was buried there. A little bit of research led us to Oak Grove Cemetery. Although the graves of several famous people can be found in the cemetery, that of Thomas Jefferson Rusk is thought to be the most famous.

Which historical cemeteries have you visited?

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